Mortgage Professional

  • I always like to start the process with a phone call to discuss what you’re looking to do and get some basic information. “Call Now”
  • Next you will need to fill out an online application in detail so that my team and I can assess your current situation and start your pre-approval process.
  • Second step, A Client Care Specialist will be in contact with you, requesting a list of documents or information we will need to get you pre-approved.


There are 3 main categories involved with your pre-approval;

Income – depending on your situation, these are some of the documents you may be requested to provide

  • Employment letter
  • 2 recent paystubs
  • 2 most recent years t4’s
  • 2 most recent years t1 generals
  • 2 most recent years NOA’s
  • Articles of Incorporation / Business Registration (self-employed)

Credit – depending on the type of accounts you have you may be required to provide current statements for some of the following;

  • Credit Cards
  • Lines of Credit
  • Auto Loans
  • Personal Loans

Down Payment/Closing Costs– depending on where your down payment is coming from the following may be required. ***please note - your name must appear on any statements you provide***

  • Savings/Cheqings – 90 day account historyInvestments – 90 day account history
  • Gift – Gifted funds MUST be from a family member. You will be required to provide a signed gift letter, along with confirmation of the gifted funds being deposited into your personal account.
  • Closing Costs – This refers to the costs that will be incurred in addition to your down payment to legally take possession and Title of your new property. In MB it is estimated at 2% of your purchase price and includes things such as Manitoba Land Transfer Tax and Legal Fees.